Air conditioners

We sell and install air conditioners from the Spanish brand Kosner. It is a brand of high quality and made for Spanish conditions with closeness to the sea and high humidity. These machines have extra corrosion protection called golden plate and air pure technologies that protect against dust and pollen as well as bacteria. Kosner are filled with R32 environmental gas.

In addition, there is the possibility of Wi-Fi control. Kosner NOVA has the highest energy class A+++.

Prices including standard istallation:

NOVA 25: For size of rooms, 0-20 m2 - 890 euro

NOVA 35: For size of rooms, 20-35 m2 - 1090 euro

NOVA 50: For size of rooms, 35-50 m2 - 1590 euro

NOVA 70: For size of rooms, 50-70 m2 - 1890 euro

For WIFI module is added 50 euro. 

All prices are excluding IVA/VATs.

Contact us for questions and concerns or to book an appointment for installation.